This amazing foal will be for sale!  

​The Moriesian Horse is the result of a breeding program initiated in the United States to produce horses that combine the elegance and charisma of the Friesian with the versatility of the Morgan. They display an up-headed stature, expressive face, compact body and long thick mane and tail. Their slope of shoulder and movement tends to be more Friesian-like which gives them a regal appearance. Their average size of 15.0 to 16.0 hands makes them comfortable for most riders.

This will not be a horse to pass up! Foal avalaible in utero with a $1000.00 deposit until foal is born. 


Moriesian foal, 2020

We should be expecting Julianna piglets in Spring 2020!

Coming soon!

Bonita (Morgan) x Liam (Friesian)

Spring 2020

Avaliable in utero with deposit