Geert T.

Friesian gelding, 1994
Geert came to me in a time of lose and despair after losing my true "heart" horse and trying to figure out where to go from there.  Geert was actually given to me by a sweet lady out of Cedar City, Utah. I am beyond grateful to her Sherrie and her kindness.   Geert, a 1st premie with a ster premium, Ruinenboek with an extensive show record and outstanding bloodlines.  Although Geert T. has come to the farm in his senior years, I am beyond blessed to have him. His grey gives him wisdom and his gentle eye reminds me we needed each other.

Kit Kat 

Mustang Quarter Horse cross gelding, 2016 
Kit Kat is a beautiful dun gelding who was started off from day one to be a kids horse.  He is just that and was meant to be for Jayde. As she gets him saddled in her mermaid pad (blue sparkles) and a hot pink bridle and reins the smile on her face is priceless, they have loved each other from day one.