I love teaching and sharing my experiences with others. I have over 30 years of experience with horses of all different breeds, disciplines and levels. I want to give back to those around me who are interested in horses and help this way of life spread. There have been several studies that show horseback riding and interactions with equines can help with disabilities, social interactions and coordination and work ethic.  I offer classroom and open styles of teaching as well as riding and care lessons to any age above the age of 3. I am able to accommodate you as a rider, confidence and experience with several horses to chose from, ranging from 30" to 17 hands. I value teaching not only riding and technique but care and maintenance. 


​All lessons are 1 hour (60 minutes). In that time we will get the horse out, clean them off, tack them up and begin our lesson. Not all lessons will include riding the entire time as they are individually based on the students needs and goals. Worksheets and homework is given at times but is age appropriate. 

We focus on learning the animals body language, ABC's of riding, body control, being independent, balance, maintenance and grooming, anatomy and working towards our goals. I value having the student be involved in their learning and goals. 

Solo or group lessons are available. Discounts for multiple lessons paid up front. 

(All students/parents are required to sign a waiver and students must be in closed toed shoes and helmet to participate)

Price per lesson: $30