Tonken Navajo Dancer "Dancer"
Appaloosa mare, 2009
Dancer is a new addition to our farm and breeding program. She is a a registered Appaloosa with an incredible pedigree.  Her bloodlines have passed on agility, running ability and versatility and a gorgeous head for the breed. She is a mountain goat herself and a smooth ride. We are very excited about her future with us!

BF  Penthesilea ​"Lea"

Standard Jenny, 2011

This sweet Bay Roan jenny is BLM bred. She was placed in a couples pasture and left untouched until she was taken in by a family who breaks mustangs. There she learned what love is. Lucky for me they needed to downsize.  She is very sweet and loves kisses.  She will be a great addition to our breeding program. 

​​Friesian mare, 2020

Just like in history this Queen made her impact quietly but deadly. This filly joins us from Tennessee and will be an amazing addition. I am looking forward to starting a new journey with her. 

Friesian mare, 2008
Kiara came to us from Illinios from a friend.  She previously lived in a Amish community and used in daily living and work. Kiara is disciplined in western, trail and carriage.  She has foaled out beautiful foals and will continue this at our farm.  She is 17 hands tall, very tiny boned and extremely smooth gait.  She is an absolute sweetheart to have and we are truly blessed to added her to the farm.  Everyone who meets her loves her. ​

Eva Peron "Eva"

Red Dun Miniature Jenny, 2016

Eva is a new addition to our farm and Miniature Donkey breeding program.  She is just 34" tall and came to us from Debbie Doolittle's Petting Zoo in Tacoma Washington.  The Dun gene will continue to dilute anything she is bred to. I am very excited to have her. 

Sugar and Spice

Standard Jennies, 2013 and 2017

This mother, daughter came to us after being bred in Texas and forgotten about.  Both were neglected and needing some TLC.  They are both very calm and good around all animals including dogs. There significant barring and sweet personalities make them a great addition to our breeding program.  So lucky to have been able to rescue them.