​Mare, 2008

Kiara came to us from Illinios from a friend.  She previously lived in a Amish community and used in daily living and work. Kiara is disciplined in western, trail and carriage.  She has foaled out beautiful foals and will continue this at our farm.  She is 17 hands tall, very tiny boned and extremely smooth gait.  She is an absolute sweetheart to have and we are truly blessed to added her to the farm.  Everyone who meets her loves her. 


Sow, 2015

Well after Bubba we caught the mini pig fever.  They are very intelligent,  sensitive and entertaining animals.  We got Daisy and Gerdie from lifelong family friends of my families.  I was honored when they asked me and entrusted me to take them.  Daisy is a registered Juliana Pig and reflects everything in the breed you'd want.  Daisy came from a breeder in Grantsville, Utah.  She has had one litter previously, with three piglets. She can sit, turn around and kiss. 


​Sow, 2014

Gerdie and Daisy have grown up together their entire life and actually grew up in the house until about 7 months old. They both love cheerio's and love their food.   Gerdie is a registered Juliana Pig.  Gerdie came from a breeder in Bountiful, Utah.  She has had one litter previously, with 6 piglets. She can sit, turn around and kiss. Both Daisy and Gerdie were excellent mothers and are a great addition to our farm!

Bun Buns and  Checkers

Giant Chinchilla, doe and Checkered Giant, doe

Bun Huns came to us as a donation when she was found in a random yard and the owners were unable to be located. Checkers came shortly after as a  companion. These girls love each other, they hop all around and cuddle for naps or at night. Both are extremely cuddly and loved.


Tonken Navajo Dancer "Dancer"

Mare, 2009

Dancer is a new addition to our farm and breeding program. She is a a registered Appaloosa with an incredible pedigree.  Her bloodlines have passed on agility, running ability and versitility and a gorgeous head for the breed. She is a mountain goat herself and a smooth ride. We are very excited about her future with us!

Kit Kat 

Gelding, 2016 

Kit Kat is a beautiful dun gelding who was started off from day one to be a kids horse.  He is just that and was meant to be for Jayde. As she gets him saddled in her mermaid pad (blue sparkles) and a hot pink bridle and reins the smile on her face is priceless, they have loved each other from day one. 

​The Family

I have had horses my whole life and have been an animal lover ever since I can remember.  I grew up owning and showing Miniature Horses, as well as intermittently riding Spanish Mustangs and Quarter Horses as well as raising and showing Miniature Horses.  I work in healthcare and am a mother to a beautiful daughter, Jayde who is following in my footsteps. Although I do not own any Miniature Horses of my own now, I am still very involved in my parents farm, Little r Minis. We now reside in Stockton, Utah. 

Shorite Splendida "Blondie"

Mare, 2005

Blondie is a registered APHA with her stunning color and bright blue eyes. She is a show stopper for sure. She is gaited and has been there, done that. She is used for a kids horse, trail horse and lessons horse. She is a proven mare and an excellent mother. 

Geert T.

Gelding, 1994

Geert came to me in a time of lose and despair after losing my true "heart" horse and trying to figure out where to go from there.  Geert was actually given to me by a sweet lady out of Cedar City, Utah. I am beyond grateful to her Sherrie and her kindness.   Geert, a 1st premie with a ster premium, Ruinenboek with an extensive show record and outstanding bloodlines.  Although Geert T. has come to the farm in his senior years, I am beyond blessed to have him. His grey gives him wisdom and his gentle eye reminds me we needed each other.


Boar, 2015

Borris came to our farm from Sherrie Ivey in Grantsville, Utah.  Sherrie has bred the finest farm and exotic animals for years.  Borris is small, compact and a great example of the breed. He is very kind and loves people. We are excited and honored that Sherrie trusts us to have him. 


Barrow, 2018

​​Bubba is an interesting addition to our farm.  I was in the process of rebuilding my arena area I was renting at the time when I was searching local listing for cement pavers  and instead found this handsome boy.  Of course I could not pass him up.  I went to look at him and interview as a new possible home.  I  fell in love!  So like a crazy animal lover I came home with cement pavers that week and a Juliana pig.  Bubba is sure to make you laugh until stomach hurts.  Bubba previously lived a house with dogs and took on many of the same characteristics.  Bubba loves all fruits and veggies and treats of course!  He can sit, turn around and litter boxed trained.  Bubba always has a smile on his face. Who knew pigs could smile but he can!