Foals of Liam

Stallion, May 30, 2011- November 16, 2019

Liam is where it all began... I have dreamed my whole life of owning a Friesian and found one too good to be true in the Summer of 2016.  I instantly fell in love, how could you not?  

Liam was 16.2 h and a sleek Sport horse build.  He is trained and disciplined in dressage, western pleasure, carriage and liberty work.  He was always eager to learn and please.  We had a very strong bond and I trust him with my life.  This mutual trust allows me to follow my dreams. He has changed my life in so many positive ways. Liam was truly a gentle giant.  He was simply magical with a noble, elegant presence that is enchanting. His conformation was spot on and he passes his high knee and hock lift and floating trot on to all his foals. 

Liam coliced and had to go in for emergency surgery at South Valley Large Animal Clinic. He had Nephrosplenic entrapment  and edema in his colon. Liam was a fighter and a true war horse during this time of struggle. He continued to care for me as I was caring for him in his last few hours. 

Thank you to everyone at South Valley Large Animal Clinic, especially Dr. Hammer, Colorado State Veterinary and teaching Hospital, Dr. Hendrickson and Purdue University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Hawkins.

Liam has dozens of beautiful foals and offspring to continue to live out his legacy.