Fantastic Mr. Fox "Mr. Fox"
Mr. Fox came to us as a kit fox at 6 weeks old. He is a Red Fox male. Although foxes take a great amount of time we love spending time with him and have him at the farm. Such a amazing addition we love!!!


Juliana barrow, 2018
Bubba is an interesting addition to our farm.  I was in the process of rebuilding my arena area I was renting at the time when I was searching local listing for cement pavers  and instead found this handsome boy.  Of course I could not pass him up.  I went to look at him and interview as a new possible home.  I  fell in love!  So like a crazy animal lover I came home with cement pavers that week and a Juliana pig.  Bubba is sure to make you laugh until stomach hurts.  Bubba previously lived a house with dogs and took on many of the same characteristics.  Bubba loves all fruits and veggies and treats of course!  He can sit, turn around and litter boxed trained.  Bubba always has a smile on his face. Who knew pigs could smile but he can!