Fallow Deer

Two bucks and a doe, 2020

These little guys joined us the Fall of 2020 as we all realized how much our animals, hobbies and the outdoors meant to each of us after the difficult year the world had.  Browsing the ad's I came across them and knew they would be a great addition to our farm.  


Ankole-Watusi, 2020 bull 

Bred from South Africa, his name Zuberi means "Strong One" in Swalihi. With his spotted red color and the world's largest horns in the world he is definitely a novelty.  We can not wait to see what all we can do with him.  

Fantastic Mr. Fox "Mr. Fox"
Mr. Fox came to us as a kit fox at 6 weeks old. He is a Red Fox male. Although foxes take a great amount of time we love spending time with him and have him at the farm. Such a amazing addition we love!!!