Kalanas Sukkar Casper 

Arabian Stud, 2018

Casper is a unicorn in the making as he transitions to his full grey color. He is intelligent and a stunning mover. He has not been color tested but I believe he carries the grey gene and will probably pass that onto his foals. 

His strong pedigree in history and the show ring have brought us this amazing stallion.  AI or live cover is available. 

​Stud fee $600, booking fee $300. 

Don Keay
American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Stud, 2017
You know Don Juan and Don Pablo, so we are happy to introduce Don Keay. A rare frosted white Miniature Donkey standing only 31" tall. He is the perfect image of what you are looking for, as well as a willing temperament. Don Keay loves to be around everyone and brings a smile to your face. 
Ivory and White is a recessive gene and is characterized by a near white or cream base coat with pink skin and blue eyes. Mottled or speckled skin around eyes, nose and genitals can be seen in Ivory or White donkeys. The Ivory or White gene is rare, Don Keay should pass this dilution gene onto his offspring. AI or live cover is available depending on size of mate. Mare/ Jenny care is available.

Stud fee $400, $100 booking fee